Pharmacology & Toxicology Department is engaged in evaluation of the safety & efficacy of medicinal plants and formulations used in traditional practices. The department envisages employing various approaches to address the complex biological action of phyto-constituents adopting conventional as well as alternative model organisms, newer tools & technologies. It carries out pharmacological characterization & toxicological profiling of medicinal plants which aid in identification of bioactive fractions and phytoconstituents and guidance on evidence based safe and rational use of medicinal plants.


The department encompasses in-vitro, ex-vivo & in-vivo pharmacology & toxicology laboratories. It is equipped with necessary equipment that includes stand alone recirculation aquatic system for maintenance of zebrafish, stereozoom microscope with imaging facility, environment controlled incubator, ultrapure water purification system, cooled centrifuge, tissue homogenizer, multichannel non-invasive blood pressure equipment for rodents, digital plethysmometer, actophotometer, analgesiometer, metabolic cages, individually ventilated caging system for rat & mice, biochemical semi-autoanlayzer etc. In addition, the Department has CPCSEA approved animal house facility to conduct animal experiments.


The Pharmacology Department has successfully adopted the 3R principles of animal experiments, accordingly many experiments are conducted employing alternative model organism such as zebrafish and developed the new animal model of human disease. The Pharmacology Department has assisted in identifying bioactive extract(s), fraction(s) with potent anti-hyperglycaemic, anti-arthritic, anti-obesity, & anti-colitis activity through pre-clinical studies.


The Department welcomes Post-Doctoral and PhD students and is recognized for guideship by KAHER (KLE Deemed University), Belagavi. A limited number of students from Post-graduation in Biological Sciences/Chemistry/Pharmacy/AYUSH background are also provided training and internship in various laboratory techniques.

AcSIR PhD shortlisted candidates ICMR-NITM, Belagavi
AcSIR PhD shortlisted candidates ICMR-NITM, Belagavi
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