Extramural Projects (Externally funded projects)

Sl. No.Name of the ProjectPIFunding AgencyDate of CommencementDate of CompletionStatus
1Coordinating Unit of Survey of Medicinal Plants of Western Ghats of India Project Dr. Harsha HegdeICMR05.07.200513.03.2007Completed
2Survey on Usage, Availability and Efficacy of Traditional Medicine Project (SAUTAM)Dr. Harsha HegdeICMR15.03.200614.03.2009Completed
3Herbal Garden for Medicinal Plants of the Western Ghats Region ProjectDr. Harsha HegdeICMR24.04.200724.04.2010Completed
4Database Museum of Ethnomedicinal Plants of Western Ghats and future research activities Dr. Harsha HegdeCSIR07.07.200706.07.2010Completed
5Understanding community and the health care provider's perspective on male controlled biological option in India (NARI)Mr. Shripad BhatICMR01.04.200831.03.2010Completed
6Revitalization of Local Health Traditions (RLHT)Dr. Harsha HegdeICMR28.04.200827.04.2010Completed
7Studies on Understanding delivery, access and utilization of HIV services in Goa and Belgaum (Task Force project)Mr. Shripad BhatICMR15.07.200914.10.2010Completed
8Development and characterization of microsatellite (SSR) based molecular markers for identification, authentication & analysis of variations in the medicinal plant Saraca asoca (Roxb.) de Wilde (Dr.. Archana Sahani)Dr. Subarna RoyICMR30.04.201029.04.2012Completed
9Ethnomedicobotany of Belgaum region and development quality control parameters for selected medicinal plants - (Dr. Vinayak Upadhyay SRF)Dr. Harsha HegdeICMR31.03.201127.03.2014Completed
10In-vivo and In-vitro production of flavonoides in selected species of Clerodendron (Dr. Manvi Manaval) Dr. Harsha HegdeICMR27.07.201124.07.2013Completed
11Elucidating antiarthritic potential of selected medicinal plants and their fractions in wistar rats (Mr. Dushyant Kumar)Dr. Harsha HegdeICMR01.01.201131.10.2014Completed
12National Hospital Based Rotavirus Surveillance Network Dr. Subarna RoyICMR01.01.201331.12.2016Completed
13Second Phase of Biomedical Informatics CentresDr. Subarna RoyICMR01.04.201331.03.2018Completed
14Production of shikmic acid from in vitro cultures of selected medical plants from western ghats Dr. Harsha HegdeICMR05.06.201404.06.2016Completed
15Tribal Health Research Unit (THRU)Dr. Harsha HegdeICMR01.09.201431.08.2019Completed
16Micro mapping of G6PD deficiency among the tribals of India and its importance for antimalarial therapy Dr. S. L. HotiICMR01.09.201431.08.2017Completed
17Characterizing the role of putative prohibitins in plasmodium falciparum (Ms. Savitha C.)Dr. S. L. HotiDST24.04.2015
18Use of biotechnological approaches for enhance production of Triterpenoids from Achyranthes aspera Linn (DST YS)-Dr. Sandeep PaiDr. Harsha HegdeDST11.11.201302.08.2016Completed
19Studies on identification elite clones of Saraca asoca (ROXB) De wilde from western ghats for medicinal use (Mr. Satish Hegde-SRF)Dr. Subarna RoyICMR01.01.201531.12.2016Completed
20Model Rural Health Research Unit (MRHRU)Dr. Subarna RoyDHR01.04.201431.03.2021Completed
21Immuno Epidemiology studies of filarial diagnostic proteins in the endemic regions of Karnataka (Mr. Y. Nazeer-SRF)Dr. S. L. HotiICMR06.08.201505.08.2018Completed
22Understanding the molecular mechanism of mitochondrial division in malaria parasites (DST INSPIRE)-Dr. Praveen NinaDr. S. L. HotiDST20.08.201431.12.2015Completed
23Optimization and assesment of predictive utility of zebra fish embryo genotoxicity test - a promising alternative test Dr. Banappa UngerDHR29.10.201528.10.2017Completed
24Assessment of health status of Kathodi Katkari tribe in Karnataka stateDr. Harsha HegdeKSTRI19.01.201619.01.2018Completed
25Evaluation of effect of Shodhana and Marana procedures on Vatsanabha (Mrs. Vaishnavi Kathavate)Dr. Harsha HegdeDST04.06.201431.12.2015Completed
26Effect of Cocoa extract on toxicity-induced by Doxorubicin using rat model (Ms. Jyoti W.-SRF)Dr. Subarna RoyICMR02.07.201230.06.2019Completed
27Sensitization of multidrug resistant ABCBI overexpressing oral carcinoma KB cells to paclitaxel by glaucarubinone from Simarouba Glauca DC (Dr. Karthikeyan-PDF)Dr. S. L. HotiICMR15.04.201431.07.2015Completed
28Genetic polymorphism in Wuchereria bncrofit (WHO)-Dr. Ram AdhikariDr. S. L. HotiWHO15.09.201427.011.2014Completed
29Documentation of genetic and phytochemical variations and assessment of immunomodulatory and anticancer activities of Gymnemasylvestre (Retz.) R.Br. & S. & newly described species Gymnema kollimalayanum Ramach. &M.B.Viswan, from Eastern India and Western Ghats (Gym)Dr. Subarna RoyICMR27.03.201227.08.2015Completed
30Phytochemical screening and in vitro studies in Ancistrocladus heyneanus Wall Ex. Grah. And Achyranthes aspera Linn (Dr. Sandeep Pai-PDF)Dr. Harsha HegdeICMR09.11.2010(08.11.2013)
31A novel strategy for rapid gene replacements in a gene linked to organelle division in Plasmodium falciparum (DBT-IYBA) Dr..Preveen NinaDr. S. L. HotiDBT01.04.201530.06.2016Completed
32Preclinical evaluation of Safety and Efficacy of the decoction of the plant RMRC-BM IP-156 for Anti-diabetic activity and Characterization of active compound(s)Dr. R.K.JoshiICMR01.12.201630.11.2018Completed
33Evaluation of analgesic and anti-inflammatory activities of Plumbago zeylanica L.Root paste in osteoarthritis patientsDr. S. L. HotiICMR16.01.201715.07.2019Completed
34Role of Toll-like Receptor (TLR-2) in Herpes Simplex Virus infection Dr. Debprasad ChattopadhyayCCRAS20.02.201719.02.2020Completed
35Evaluation of in-vivo Anti-Herpes activity of HM7, an ethnomedicinal alkaloid to develop to topical anti viral formulationDr. Debprasad ChattopadhyayICMR20.03.201730.11.2017Completed
36Screening and development of anti-malarial drugs of herbal origin through target based drug development approach (DST-WOSA-Meenakshi)Dr. S. L. HotiDST17.07.201716.07.2020Completed
37Investigating the role of 3 traditional medicinal plants in combating dengue virus induced thrombocytopenia - Ms. Rajitha CharlaDr. Subarna Roy/ Dr. Harish D. R.ICMR02.01.201701.01.2022Completed
38Assessment of Nutritional Status and health seeking behavior among Siddi tribes in KarnatakaDr. Harsha HegdeICMR15.03.201714.03.2020Completed
39Evaluation of Add on Efficacy & Safety of An Ayurvedic Formulation in the Management of Dengue Fever & Prevention of its complications – A Double Blind Clinical Study - Dengue-SLH (S.L.Hoti)Dr. S. L. HotiCCRAS10.08.201731.03.2020Completed
40Immunomodulation by parasitic Macrophage migration Inhibitory Factor (MIF) in Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes- (MIF) S. L. Hoti Dr. S. L. HotiICMR01.08.201731.03.2020Completed
41Optimising sustainable forest use whilst minimising impacts of emerging zoonotic diseases: co-developing an interdisciplinary tool for forest ecosystems in India - (KFD) - S. L. Hoti Dr. S. L. HotiMRC-INTERNATIONAL29.01.201831.01.2020Completed
42A multi-centric study to estimate the sero-prevalence of dengue virus infection in India - (Dengue- SR)Dr. Subarna RoyICMR15.09.201714.12.2017Completed
43Vector surveillance for ZIKV/JEV in selected high risk areas in India (ZIKA) S. L. HotiDr. S. L. HotiICMR01.09.201731.08.2018Completed
44Dr. Anwesha Bhowmik-NPDFDr. Debprasad ChattopadhyayDST21.06.201731.01.2018Completed
45Preclinical pharmacological evaluation of Chitraka roots in experimentally induced coliti (Dr. Yadu Nandan Dey-ICMR PDF)Dr. Banappa UngerICMR29.12.201726.02.2020Completed
46Web application for the database on Ethonomedicinal plants of western ghats-Mr. Saurav SumanDr. Subarna RoyICMR01.10.201730.06.2018Completed
47Workshops on augmenting local resources for primary health care and better livelyhood amoung tribals-NASIDr. S. L. Hoti/ Dr. Harsha HegdeNASI14.02.201831.03.2021Completed
48Development of rapid Point of Care immunological and molecular diagnostics for Lymphatic Filariasis (POC)Dr. S. L. HotiICMR21.03.201820.03.2020Completed
49Digital Databasae of Herb Drug InteractionsDr. Subarna RoyICMR01.07.201930.06.2022Completed
50Identification of potential herbal drug candidates from Traditional practices against Viral HepatitisDr. Harish D. R.ICMR01.07.201930.06.2022Completed
51Validation of idabetic wound healing activity of essential oil from Mammea suriga flower buds and elucidating its molecular mechanism-Dr. Pradeep Bhat-ICMR PDFDr. Harsha HegdeICMR05.09.201904.02.2022Completed
52Targeting anemia and goitre to improve maternal and child health in Raichur Dist. through rigorous and sustained training of peripheral healthcare workers and primary care physicians utilizing digital ECHO platformDr. Subarna RoyICMR26.08.201925.12.2022Completed
53Improving health and nutritional status of vulnerable segment of population by implementing multi-component health and nutrition education intervention as a sustainable model of interventionDr. Subarna RoyICMR01.04.201931.03.2022Completed
54Unvieling the potential of anti-diabetic activity in the endophytic fungus from the plant NITM-156 along with enhancement of anti-hyperglycemic metabolites: An in-vivo study - (Dr. Shivankar Agrawal-ICMR PDF)Dr. R.K.JoshiICMR31.05.202130.05.2023Completed
55Local evaluation of RT-PCR vs NGS for early detection, surveillance and prevention of
communicable viral diseases in Central India: a wastewater-based epidemiological study
(DISCOVER-WET Study)(RIS 4958713 / RIS 5050495) INDO-UK GCRF Grant
Dr.V.UmashankarGlobal Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) United Kingdom01-01-2021 21-07-2021Completed
56Evaluation of selected bioactives from traditional medicinal plants on Olanzapine induced cardiac and metabolic disorders
Dr. Faizan Beerwala/Dr. Harish D R