The department of Ethnomedicine and Medicinal Plants generate the first hand field information on ethnomedicinal practices for their further scientific validation. The department was co-established with the Institute in 2006 and Plant Biotechnology & Tissue Culture facilities were established in 2010 within the department. The documentation of traditional practices, collection and identification of medicinal plants, developing pharmacognostic & quality profiles of the medicinal plants are the core activities of the Department. The department is also involved in conservation of genetic resources of medicinal plants in the form of Herbal Garden and development of Crude Drug Repository and Herbaria in the institute. In plant biotechnology, we are engaged in developing protocols for rapid multiplication for prioritized medicinal plants,  re-introduction programs for RET species, analysis of important phytoconstituents, variations in levels of secondary metabolites, the role of mutation for higher production and elicitation of secondary metabolites, Agrobacterium-mediated transformation, etc. The studies on alternative sources for production of valuable bioactive compounds, such as endophytic fungi are also in progress. The Department has harboured several PDFs, Doctoral, and PG students to work. The division is engaged in.