Ongoing Intramural Projects

Sr. NoProject TitleSAC approval yearPICo-Is
1Evaluation of Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of pharmacovigilance activities related to traditional medicines amongst traditional healers of Belagavi region2021Dr. Manish BarvaliyaDr. Chandan N., Dr. Harsha Hegde, Mr. Ashok Naik, Dr. Banappa Unger, Dr. Subarna Roy
2Evaluation of long-term safety, and anti-diabetic activity of a traditional decoction of the leaves of the plant RMRC-BMIP_156 in type 2 diabetic animal model2021Dr. R.K. Joshi
3Standardization and screening of traditionally used herbs for anti-parasitic activities2021Dr. R.K. Joshi
4Effectiveness and safety of traditional medicine for treatment of gallstones: A practice based observational study2021Dr. Chandan N.Dr. Manish Barvaliya, Mr. Ashok Naik, Dr. Harsha Hegde, Dr. Banappa Unger, Dr. R.K. Joshi, Dr. Harish D. R., Dr. Subarna Roy
5Clinical and demographic profile of patients seeking treatment for gastrointestinal disorders from traditional healers of Belagavi region and their perceived experience of benefit, harm and cost of treatment: An exploratory study 2021Dr. Chandan N.Dr. Manish Barvaliya, Mr. Ashok Naik, Dr. Harsha Hegde, Dr. Subarna Roy
6Identification of hepato protective bioactive fractions of Tinospora cordifolia & possible beneficial interaction with Isoniazid (INTERACT)2020Dr.Banappa S Unger
7Hunting anti-obese bioactives from traditional medicine hint (INVENT)2020Dr.Banappa S Unger
8Metabolite profiling and Pharmacometabonomic studies of Chitraka root in experimentally induced colitis2020Dr.Banappa S Unger
9Evaluation of selected active principles of local traditional medicines against Hepatitis B virus infection and their hepatoprotective efficiencies.2020Dr. Harish D RDr Subarna Roy, Dr Harsha V Hegde
10Leveraging bioinformatics tools for establishing possible modes of actions of common TMs and for identification of lead TMs against prioritized diseases 2019Dr. Harish D RDr Subarna Roy, Dr Harsha V Hegde
11Clinical evaluation of cocoa powder in prevention of adverse effects of doxorubicin in patients undergoing chemotherapy for soft tissue cancers2019Dr. Harish D RDr. Subarna Roy, Dr. HV Hegde and Dr. Manish
JNMC, KLE Academy Belagavi: Dr. S.S. Torgal and Dr. Rohan Bishe
12Identification of endophytic fungi and screening for production of Shikimic acid from leaves of Mammea suriga and Glaucarubinone from Simarouba glauca2018Dr. Harsha Hegde
13Efficacy of the terpenoid compound isolated from the plant NITM_159 for anti-diabetic activity2018Dr. R.K. Joshi
14Screening of antimicrobial activity of herbal formulations on highly virulent enteric bacteria isolated from clinical samples and their toxins.2018Dr. Harish D RDr. Subarna Roy, Dr. Harsha V Hegde
15Bioprocess optimization and conservation for enhanced and sustainable production of gymnemagenin, deacylgymnemic acid and other pharmacologically active compounds from'KLPl3l', an elite variety of Gymnemasylvestre (Retz.) R.Br. identified by ICMR NITM.2018Dr. Harish D RDr Subarna Roy, Dr Harsha V Hegde
AcSIR PhD shortlisted candidates ICMR-NITM, Belagavi
AcSIR PhD shortlisted candidates ICMR-NITM, Belagavi
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